Monday, November 7, 2016


Donald Trump says to "Make America Great again".
Millennials are saying "America was never great".

Why is that?

For the last 16 years (As long as most Millennials can remember) we've had: First, George W. Bush, then Barack Obama.
Bush's regime started out with an attack on New York's World Trade Center and Washington's Pentagon. Who really knows where that other plane was headed, but the damage was done. That was followed by multiple wars in the Middle East without any kind of real explanation, exit strategy, or any idea exactly what we were trying to accomplish. Never mind what the administration said, none of it was accepted by the press. Nor it seems, by most of the population.
Then we had the collapse of the real estate market, the banking crisis, a stock market crash, a recession and ... you get the idea. Not a great time for America.

Now we have Barack Obama who by all indications, hates America. He campaigned on a vow to "fundamentally change America", and for eight years now has been lecturing us, telling us constantly "That's not who we are".
He has saddled us with the "Affordable Health Care Act", which is proving to be anything but affordable and if something isn't done soon, it will bankrupt the entire economy. He has thrown race relations back fifty years, and now our country is divided by not just race, but also class, religion, age, North vs. South, coasts vs. mid-continent, Urban vs. Rural, and to say we are being divided by sex would not come near to expressing all the fault lines being created almost daily.
Not only are our borders not being defended, but he has literally invited all foreigners to invade, with the promise of government subsidies for all. And when that hasn't strained our cities, towns and resources enough, he took to flying them in himself with tax money taken by force from people that are not happy about their hard earned money being taken by force and being used by our own government to finance a foreign invasion, all the while being told we have no right to consider America to be a sovereign country.
He has also taken over the education of our children and are teaching them that Jesus was wrong, the Constitution is racist (and sexist) and should be discarded, that Christopher Columbus was a despotic slave trader, our founding fathers were all slave traders, the entire country was built by slaves, and America as a country has no right to the prosperity that we have.

No wonder they don't believe America was ever great.

I, on the other hand, know that it was great. You don't reach the level of prosperity that this country was at without being a great country. I know that black people struggled for decades after their emancipation because Lincoln, while exalted in most history books for freeing the slaves, didn't have any kind of plan as far as integrating the former slaves into the rest of America. This was actually not just a struggle for black people, but for the entire country. This country, by and large, was not planned. It grew in fits and starts as the character of the individuals that it belonged to was tried and tested. It was built by the dreams and aspirations of those individuals (white and black, Asian and Hispanic, Catholic and Protestant, Jew and Gentile) who were willing to dream, and risk and work to make those dreams come true.
Where did it go wrong?
Theories abound. Personally, I think it started coming apart when the government figured out it could bribe the people with their own money. Little by little, the constitution that was supposed to be the foundation of our government has been bent, folded and mutilated until now, the press is referring to our time as "Post Constitutional America".

Can Donald Trump make America great again?
I doubt it. I'd like to think he wants to, but I'm afraid the damage done is probably just too great. He's only one man, and if this election is any indication, he will be opposed at every turn by everybody in Washington; and by every press outlet. Not only in America, but apparently around the world. If he is honest about what he wants to do, the most he will be able to accomplish is to delay the inevitable.
But I will vote for him on Tuesday.
Because we only have two choices. Never mind all the talk about a third party, or forth party, or write-ins, or whatever. Whoever you vote for, you know that you are either going to get Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.
You turn on the television, and you will hear that Donald Trump is a racist, misogynist, war-monger, tax cheat, philanderer, Islamophobe, homophobe, rapist, mocker of the disabled and an abuser of children.
Turn on the radio and you will hear that Hillary Clinton is a vicious, treasonous, murderous, lying, devil-worshiping, child sex slave trafficking, greedy, drunk, sick, lecherous old hag that wants to finish the job of destroying America that Barack Obama started.
Every word on both side could be right....or not.
Donald Trump says he is determined to defend this country's borders and put a stop to the disastrous wave of foreigners illegally pouring into this country. If you don't think this is important, then you haven't really thought seriously about what the end result of this government-aided invasion will be. If you don't know, just ask a Native American. Drive out to North Dakota and you can witness, first hand how the invader's government still treats those who were here first.
Hillary Clinton has promised to double the rate at which un-vetted foreigners are being flown in, while continuing to ignore our southern border.
Donald Trump is also running on a pro-life campaign. I keep hearing that he used to be pro-choice and that he only changed his tune when he decided to run as a Republican. That's fine with me. The Republican platform is pro-life, so he's rather obligated to honor that position. If he doesn't, that's on him.
If I vote for Hillary Clinton, whom I have heard say that children in the womb (yes, she called them children) have no rights, than I am voting for a woman running on a platform that not only supports abortion on demand, but is actually working to export it to other countries. That would be on me.
So, vote your conscience.
I personally think this country is doomed either way, but I at least want to be able to live with myself.